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The following list of testimonials are from coaching and mentoring clients of perceptions:

Business coaching turned my business from £30k loss to a £35k profit in one year.

MD, Food Sector

Peter helped me to become a Director of ICI from starting off as a management trainee in a small Plc

Director, ICI

Leadership and career progression coaching have made a massive difference to my approach and attitude to my role, I am less stressed and more focused so my performance has improved leading to a promotion

Contract Manager, Aerospace Sector

Peter gives you clarity because he knows the subject matter inside and out. He is not just a coach; he is a current manager with a huge skill set, including coaching

Managing Director, Retail Sector

It is hard to define the benefits of the sessions, just be certain that you come out of them not just being able to see the woods for the trees, but the whole forest and sometimes even a path through!

Managing Director, Retail Sector

Peter is extremely good at asking questions that take you to the heart of the matter and then continuing the questioning until you yourself have found solutions to the problems. He is focused and unemotional in his approach and ensures that you take away action plans that you have generated and are therefore more likely to undertake. The sessions have been time and money well spent. I would recommend them to anybody.

Commercial Manager, Aerospace Sector

You have helped me step back from the detail and see the big picture, thank you.

General Manager,, Estate Agency Group

Being coached enabled me to deal with staff related issues in a logical and efficient way. It allowed me to see the wider picture and focus on solutions to problems.

Manager, Service Sector

Coaching has made a significant difference to the pace of my professional and personal development... becoming more assertive, gaining in self confidence and have greater clarity in my goals, aspirations and career direction.

Modern Matron, Health Sector

That was the best piece of advice anyone ever gave me.

Managing Director, Manufacturing Sector