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business coaching partner

  • Written coaching agreement in line with best practice
  • Clear professional approach to clarify and focus on your goals
  • Respectful, relaxed coaching style that delves deep into issues and is not frightened to ask challenging questions
  • Real issues dealt with and no tree hugging
  • Business coaching benefits. Learn more...
  • Coaching methods and tools that you can apply to your team
  • Written confidential feedback to the coachee to aid reflection, focus and action

Key Coaching Elements for me

  • Respect for client
  • Respecting the contract
  • Self-awareness and presence
  • Enjoying not knowing or having to perform
  • Holding the space and not having to fill the silence
  • Journeying with the client to discover new ways of moving forward
  • The "ah ha" moment
  • The new insights
  • The actions
  • Results

Peter is extremely good at asking questions that take you to the heart of the matter and then continuing the questioning until you yourself have found solutions to the problems. He is focused and unemotional in his approach and ensures that you take away action plans that you have generated and are therefore more likely to undertake. The sessions have been time and money well spent. I would recommend them to anybody.